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How do I buy .AE domain?

AE is the country code top level domain extension of the United Arab Emirates. It is a must for local professionals and companies looking to offer their products and services and establish local presence in the UAE. To register your desired domain, you've come to the right place for ! We are a reseller of 101domain, an AEDA, accredited domain registration services provider. Interested in knowing more about us, just shoot an email to us at info@futurenic.com/rohit@futureroots.in or contact me directly at +91 - 9899999447 and we will be happy to help bring down your domain portfolio costs.

One of the best reason on why to register with us is the cost -- We offering registrations at 3333 INR/yr with no markups when renewing. If you are from the UAE,. a local vendor in the UAE will be the cheapest for you. and in case, you are from other countries such as India, UK, US or any other country for that matter. It is best to see a registrar that offer registration and renewals at same costs. Often is the case that registrants are lured at lower costs but at renewal time, the cost is inflated by atleast 10%. This has been a standard practice of most registrars but then, we at Futureroots|FutureNic offer cost effective ccTLD portfolio management with no increase in renewal charges.
.AE domains are the official ccTLD of United Arab Emirates. It falls under the rules and regulations set by AEDA.AE, the governing and operating registry for this ccTLD. It is generally registered by local Individuals and Companies. Apart from that global brand names looking to safeguard their online branding or the ones looking to establish their digital presence in the UAE also register these domains. Registering from India is a bit tricky as there are just a few AEDA acrredited domain registrars outside of the Emirates. Fortunately, we are a reseller of 101domain, one of the best ccTLD domain registrar in the world and we help individuals | bloggers | influencers | brands | companies secure their desired domain names for over 200 ccTLD extensions.
Before Anything Else

.AE Registration Requirements:

You must know the following:

1. Duration: The .AE domains can be registered upto a 5 year term in one go. Unlike most ccTLD extensions, the registry has capped the maximum registration duration to 5 years.
2. Restriction: Currently, There are no requirements to register this domain extension.
3. Character Length: You can only choose between 2 and 63 characters(0-9, A-Z and dash).

Why you should register .AE domains

Reading this will help you understand more about the significance of this ccTLD extension.

1. If you are a local business/individual in UAE.
2. If you are a foreign company with a local office or have business interests in UAE.
3. To protect your brand name from poaching and spend time and resources in claiming your trademark/brand names.
4. If you are looking to develop a local website that'll cater to the UAE region. It helps build confidence among local users.
5. Google also prefer to show local domains over generic or other country extensions i.e. BETTER SEO
6. Finally, if you can create a domain hack and shorten your domain.

The Good Review

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