WordPress Website Migration Without Plugin(100% working)

How to Migrate Wordpress Website Manually

Migrate a Wordpress Website from one Hosting Provider to Another.
I am sure that you must have looked at dozens of youtube self help videos and you are still confused on what all is to be done. Migration looks complicated and the best way forward is using a plugin. Well to be honest NO. A big no. Plugins are mainly developed to assist in something but when they have the backdoor to everything in your hosting account. They begin to appear as a not that friendly.Yes, most of the plugins will not affect you but it’s the case of one wrong decision and things go south from thereon.

Not to worry. Below is the easiest way to migrate/transfer a wordpress website from one hosting provider to another.

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You will need the following:

The transfer process is simple and easy. You only need take backup of the existing website which basically are 3 files.
1. WP-CONTENT file in a zip format
2. WP-CONFIG file
3. The SQL database of your website.

Note: Transfer will happen from one cpanel account to another.

Steps To Backup the Website

You will need the following:

1. Login into the cPanel of existing website.
2. Locate and open the file manager folder.
3. Click to open public_html
4. Locate wp-content folder. Right click and compress it.
5. Once the compression is complete. Download this file.
6. Locate wp-config file and download it as well.
7. Now, we need to download the database. For that, go to the cpanel home page(click on one level up).
8. Locate and open PhpMyAdmin and click on the data base. You will see there are a lot of entries. Scroll down to the bottom and select all. Once selected, use the export option to download this. On the next page it will show you the option to download the database, select .SQL as a download format.

With the download, your work at the current server is done.

Upload the Website to a new server

Follow these instructions:

1. Open cPanel account and Install Wordpress.
2. Click on file manager.
3. Open the public_html
4. Go to file manager First >>>>>> DELETE THE WP-CONTENT folder.
6. Upload your wp-content.zip folder and extract all details. Once you see the folder has been extracted. Delete the .zip folder. SAVES Space on your server.
8. Now, we need to upload the .SQL database that we downloaded. For that, go to the cpanel home page(click on PHPmyAdmin). The first step here is to DELETE the existing database of the new wordpress account. Click on the database and select all existing entries. Just to the right of it you will see a drop down option click and select the drop option. This will delete the database.
9. With that, we can upload the database we downloaded from old hosting account.
10. Click the import option and import the .SQL file.
11. We have now replicated all the entries of the old website but wait the website will not work. Why because the name of the new data base created will not match the data base prefix mentioned in the wp-config file.
12. The Fix: For this, copy the first part of the database prefix. If you don't know what database prefix is, go back to phpmyadmin and open the database. you will see all the entries with an intial prefix value. Copy that prefix part. We need to edit this in the wp-config file.
13. Go back to file manager, locate wp-config and click edit. Scroll down and find the $table_prefix option and edit it with new prefix. Click save.
14. Update the DNS of the new hosting account with your domain registrar and voila the you have successfully migrated the website.

If you have followed these steps correctly. Your website should be up and running.

I Know I Know

It is Still not working. There's one last thing pending. Since, you have moved on to a new hosting provider. The DNS configuration have changed. If you know the new DNS, update them with your domain registrar and in case you don't. Just contact your new hosting provider and request them. They will share the information which then can be updated in your domain account. That's it.
DONE. Refresh your website.

Additional Steps: Migration from Test Domain to Main Site

Note: There is a difference between changing the domain name and changing the hosting server. If you are a developer and would like to move the wordpress website from test account to primary domain name hosting and domain. There are some more steps that you need to follow to complete the migration process. Follow them here:
1. Go To PHPmyadmin and click on the database you just uploaded.
2. Navigate to the Databaseprefix_options.
3. Edit the site_url info and update the domain name.
4. Edit the Home info and update the domain name.